Channel Agent

Choose to place your hotel in the center of the online distribution network and avoid wasting your valuable time updating rates and availability in the online booking portals. Thanks to the powerful features of our platform you will only need to upgrade one system (PMS Diamond Agent or Channel) to transmit rates, promotions & availability to online travel agencies like, Expedia, Keytel, Orbitz, etc. Choose up to 80 agencies.


The channel allows the administrator to place competitive hotel rates or change the availability across the Web in minutes, allowing you to change rates at any time in relation to hotel occupancy and rates uploaded by competitor hotels on the Web. This application allows the hotel to be more competitive, and generate more sales through online channels and direct customers on SuperBooking (diversion of some traffic to the your hotel’s website), reducing commission costs of travel agencies (60% savings), improving ranking in distribution channels and increasing RevPAR.


The Channel Manager Tourisoft has been declared the winner in the comparative test of the German consulting group Adojo. Adojo Gmbh, German company founded and run by one of the founders of, recently made a comparison of the main channel managers. Conclusion: In all classes is Hotel-Spider / Turisoft clearly the winner.