Instant Booking on Trip Advisor

How does instant booking by TripConnectTM work?TM

What is Instant Booking by TripConnect?

For the first time, millions of travelers can book directly on TripAdvisor without leaving the site. Instant booking by TripConnect is a way of of having your hotel to take advantage of this function through a commission model based on each reservation payment.


How does it work?

TripAdvisor works with a connectivity partner, in this case GHIX (SuperBooking) to show their rates and availability. A connectivity partner is a company who provides a software that manages your reservations: a central booking system, an online booking engine or a channel manager, for example. The connectivity partner works with TripAdvisor so fares and availability show on your tripadvisor hotel page. Travelers' reservations are proessed and then transfered to you, this way, you are able to control customer relationships from the beginning: the connectivity partner will bring you directly the reservation details. In addition, you only pay for the reservations if travelers end up staying at your establishment as well as you can easily track your return on investment.


What is a connectivity partner?

A connectivity partner is a company who provides a software that manages your reservations made trhough Tripadvisor as mentioned before. For a list of connectivity partners that are currently certified to provide TripConnect's instant reservations go to


What is a traveler view?

It is considered that a traveler view happens everytime the mark "Book on TripAdvisor" appears on your site. "Book on TripAdvisor" appears on the search box of your profile’s hotel pricing comparator. Traveler views, as well as all reservations generated by them may belong to you or any of your reseller partners (online travel agencies).


How much does it cost?

It is considered that there is a visualization when "Book on TripAdvisor" ("Book Awards") appears on the search results for your hotel. Sometimes travelers will see your rates; other times, those of your resellers. When setting up instant booking by TripConnect, you can choose the ratio of traveler views you want to have. If you choose a commission rate of 15%, you will get half of the traveler views, besides the reservervations generated. You can also choose a lower commission, 12%, for a quarter of traveler views and the resulting reservations. Remember that in order to offer travelers the best possible experience when booking, your rates should be equal or more favorable than those of the partners you work with. If your direct prices are not competitive, your prices and availability may not appear.


What is a distribution partner or a distribution channel?

These partners help you booking your hotel rooms for a fee. They may be online travel agencies, global distribution systems or any other intermediaries. Your relationship with these partners is independent from the one with TripAdvisor.


What does it mean that you have control of your relationship with customers?

When the traveler makes a reservation on TripAdvisor, your connectivity partner will transfer all booking details to you. From that point, you can contact the customer and start building a relationship with him/her. It may also provide a personalized customer service for each booking produced.


What if a customer needs to cancel a reservation?

If a customer cancels a booking, your connectivity partner can automatically notify TripAdvisor. If not, you can notify them using the instant booking panel on TripConnect. Some connectivity members also allow partners to cancel directly with TripAdvisor. In these cases, TripAdvisor will notify you via connectivity partner. You will never have to pay for the reservations shown as canceled.


How do I pay for the reservations made through Instant Booking by TripConnect?

Instant booking by TripConnect is a product based on a commission model. You only have to pay for reservations translated into actual hotel stays. You will receive a monthly invoice and eery billed item will reflect a stay that has been produced through instant booking by TripConnect. You have the option of reviewing these charges and make adjustments based on changes that have occurred in the reservations. Finally, you will be charged on the credit card provided to set up TripConnect's instant booking, the amount of your monthly invoice.


Why choosing a 15% commission instead of a 12% (+ 3% global hotelindex)?

With a higher commission you will get a larger share of travelers views with the "Book on TripAdvisor" button. Thus, you increase your chances to get reservations. And as instant booking by TripConnect is a commission-based model, you only have to pay if travelers end up staying in your hotel.


What happens to the traveler views remainder?

If you work with partners such as online travel agencies, you will get half of the treveler views generated by the "Book on TripAdvisor" button and the resulting reservations, when choosing a 15% commission. The other 50% of the views will correspond to your other distribution channels involved in instant reservation.


Will my partner distributors outbid me?

TripConnect instant booking is not based on bids. If you choose the15% commission and your rates are competitive, you will get half of traveler views and reservations that these visualizations generate. If you choose the commission of 12% you will get a quarter of the views, everytime that your fares are competitive. The remainder will correspond to your other distribution channels participating in the instant booking program


Why do I have to provide a breakdown of taxes and fees applying to my base rate?

In some domains your base rate is displayed, less taxes and fees. If your base rate includes taxes and fees, your hotel may seem more expensive when compared to other competitors. If you are not providing a breakdown of taxes and fees to your connectivity partner, you can make an estimate by using TripConnect configuration tool.